Latex Allergies

  • We understand how much latex allergies can take the fun out of many games and just how serious they can be. A BubaBloon covers any latex balloon meaning there is no exposed allergy-inducing latex. Even if the balloon bursts it's kept safely inside the cover. 
  • The latex-free toy allows your children to enjoy healthy play without the concern of a reaction to allergies. All the fun of a ball with the lightness of a balloon, making it perfect for games with family and friends.
  • Unlike balloons which attract hair and dust, the colourful protective cover doesn’t have static so it stays cleaner for longer, while the 100% poplin cover means it can be easily removed and washed when it does need a quick clean. It’s ideal for travel and allows you to take it with you so your little one can enjoy a safe game with their friends too.
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