BubaBloon transforms bursting balloons into safer, fun toys.

BubaBloon is a unique sensory play toy for babies and toddlers

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BubaBloon is a unique toy or gift for kids

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BubaBloon is a soft cotton balloon cover for any standard balloon - making it safer for kids and even more fun. No scary pops or small pieces to choke on, parents and kids love BubaBloon.

1. Unpack & insert balloon

2. Inflate then twist to seal
(no knots!)

3. Tuck balloon inside & play

Unpack. Inflate. Play. Repeat.

BubaBloon folds to pocket size, simply insert a balloon, blow it up then twist to seal (no pesky knots to tie) before tucking the balloon inside the cover.

When playtime's over, simply untwist the balloon and it all packs away. Simple!

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Safety first. Safety second.

BubaBloon was designed with safety in mind. The balloon is fully enclosed within our fabric cover

  • Safe for latex allergy sufferers
  • Any loud pops of balloon bursting are muffled and made less frightening
  • The cover contains any pieces of balloon away from little hands and mouths

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