BubaBloon Colour In - Travel (with Markers)

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We've developed an amazing Colour-Your-Own fabric (along with our illustrator, Rob) and made our BubaBloon from it. This travel-themed print features boats, sandcastles, planes, ice cream and more holiday favourites.

This works with any washable markers - give it a colour and just pop the balloon cover in the wash and it'll be good to colour over and over again.

We include 3 latex balloons so you can start to play straight away.

Please note that these BubaBloons contain 5 washable markers in the box, however we've had reports of some colours not working due to temperature exposure in storage. Therefore we've reduced the price to the same as our standard BubaBloon covers. You should be able to rehydrate the pens by dipping the tip into water.

What makes BubaBloon great?

  • Improves motor activity skill development in kids of all ages
  • Suitable for children with latex contact allergies
  • Reduces scary pops so kids aren't frightened & safely contains balloon pieces - limiting choking and suffocation risk
  • Lightweight & durable, safer for indoor or outdoor play
  • Washable & reusable - works with any latex balloon
  • Packs to pocket size so you can always have BubaBloon with you as an emergency toy

How do you use BubaBloon?

BubaBloon is super easy to use, and re-use, time and time again!

1. Unpack & insert balloon

2. Inflate then twist to seal
(no knots!)

3. Tuck balloon inside & play

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The Nitty-gritty





Country of Manufacture



1 x BubaBloon Balloon Cover, 3 x Latex Balloons


100% Poplin Cotton Cover, Natural Rubber Latex Balloons

Pack Dimensions

98mm (w), 35mm (d), 160mm (h)

Pack Languages


Product Dimensions

Approx 250mm diameter when inflated