BubaBloon Animal Stripes Blue Balloon Cover Toy

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Our Animal Stripes BubaBloon cotton balloon cover is a beautiful design featuring all your favourite woodland creatures - a fantastic fox, wise owl, cheeky squirrel, singing birds, a rascal racoon and clever hedgehog - all in wonderful bright colours of blue, yellow, green, orange and red to liven up playtime.

What makes BubaBloon great?

  • Improves motor activity skill development in kids of all ages
  • Suitable for children with latex contact allergies
  • Reduces scary pops so kids aren't frightened & safely contains balloon pieces - limiting choking and suffocation risk
  • Lightweight & durable, safer for indoor or outdoor play
  • Washable & reusable - works with any latex balloon
  • Packs to pocket size so you can always have BubaBloon with you as an emergency toy

How do you use BubaBloon?

BubaBloon is super easy to use, and re-use, time and time again!

1. Unpack & insert balloon

2. Inflate then twist to seal
(no knots!)

3. Tuck balloon inside & play

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The Nitty-gritty





Country of Manufacture



1 x BubaBloon Balloon Cover, 3 x Latex Balloons


100% Poplin Cotton Cover, Natural Rubber Latex Balloons

Pack Dimensions

98mm (w), 35mm (d), 160mm (h)

Pack Languages


Product Dimensions

Approx 250mm diameter when inflated