How to Use

BubaBloon is a versatile children's toy. As well as being great fun, it can also help kids develop and explore the world.

1. Unpack & insert balloon

2. Inflate then twist to seal
(no knots!)

3. Tuck balloon inside & play

Baby 4-11 months

  • Use BubaBloon with a partially inflated balloon, this makes it really easy to grab for little hands – it’s also a brilliant sensation to feel the balloon and fabric move
  • It's totally safe in your child’s mouth, and again the textures make it interesting to explore. 100% washable and reusable, so it can always be clean and fresh
  • Hold it above your child to provide visual stimulation and give them something to reach, grab for or kick

Toddler 1-2 years

  • Use BubaBloon as a prop to help baby sit up
  • It’s the perfect size for baby to develop motor skills by picking it up, start off with a partially inflated balloon and as they age add more air to increase difficulty
  • BubaBloon is amazing crawling motivation, kids can reach for it, knock it further away and chase it. As it’s never quite round it doesn’t travel as far as a ball would, plus it’s really light.

Preschool 2-3 years

  • Use BubaBloon as a ball to help kids learn to follow instructions (roll, throw etc), or where to tidy it away after play
  • BubaBloon is perfect to help develop kicking skills – nice and light for younger kids and won’t damage anything as they master the ability!
  • Perfect for virtually any ball game, throwing skills and heading the ball

Preschool 3-5 years

  • BubaBloon is one of the best ways to build catching skills, start off partially inflated for ease and then increase inflation to increase difficulty
  • Introduce BubaBloon Colour-In Collection to arts and crafts time, our washable design comes in a brilliant travel print with 5 markers – try colouring inside the lines and seeing how colours bleed and blend

Portable Travel Toy

  • BubaBloon packs down to pocket size so it's easy to take away with you wherever you go. Keep it in your changing bag, handbag or travel bag for when your little one needs some distraction or play time.
  • It's ideal for holidays, BubaBloon won't weigh you down or take up precious space. Use it in the airport or to distract your kids during turbulence. Once you get to your destination try it in the pool!

Autism, Disability & Special Needs

  • Every child and adult deserves the chance to have fun and join in activities just like everyone else. The BubaBloon is perfect for outdoor or indoor play and exercise and is a safer alternative to balls or balloons
  • When your child is just that little bit more special, then their toys should be too. A BubaBloon is great for playdates for kids who need that little extra encouragement with joining in. They say distraction is a parent’s best tool and the BubaBloon is delightfully distracting for all the right reasons! It’s a beautiful autism toy for children that helps with learning and skill development and yet looks exactly like a toy should!

Motor Skill Development

  • Inspire courage in your child as they run and chase their new toy, boost their imagination as they make up new games and watch them learn as they play. This isn’t just a toy – it is a fun, educational, sensory ball that encourages imaginative play every single time. There’s one for every taste. Choose from the adorable range of colours and patterns to suit your little one’s personality.
  • Who knew something so simple, could provide so much delight and still be good for baby. It encourages the development of motor skills from an early age through play. Bubabloon allows you to combine growth, development and fun all during playtime. Baby sensory toys are fantastic fun and can help fine tune motor skills through a variety of throwing games and creative play.

Latex Allergies

  • We understand how much latex allergies can take the fun out of many games and just how serious they can be. A BubaBloon covers any latex balloon meaning there is no exposed allergy-inducing latex. Even if the balloon bursts it's kept safely inside the cover. 
  • The latex-free toy allows your children to enjoy healthy play without the concern of a reaction to allergies. All the fun of a ball with the lightness of a balloon, making it perfect for games with family and friends.
  • Unlike balloons which attract hair and dust, the colourful protective cover doesn’t have static so it stays cleaner for longer, while the 100% poplin cover means it can be easily removed and washed when it does need a quick clean. It’s ideal for travel and allows you to take it with you so your little one can enjoy a safe game with their friends too.